Amour Bistro brings to your city, Bistro style Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine set in a quaint and chic setting in the heart of the diplomatic enclave of New Delhi. Spanning the coast of the Mediterranean, the rustic cuisine here while at heart stays very much European, one can find flavors from around the globe to enhance the dining experience in line with the latest trends in World cuisine and dining. The famous Amour wood fired pizzas and desserts make their way at the bistro as well. Located in the poshest surrounds of the city, a gorgeous, rustic Southern European street setting which has tones of the classical and contemporary about it ensures you are transported in an instant to a chic European Bistro in your favourite city anywhere around the globe. As usual an extensive selection of wines, along with an eclectic range of cocktails ensures you find the perfect companion to your meal. Witness as the star chefs here prepare a magnificent meal right in front of your eyes and allow the magic of Amour to unfold.

Colonial Charm in the heart of Lutyen's Delhi, Town Hall is more than just a restaurant. It is a destination, where gourmet cuisine comes together with a rustic chic ambience and an eclectic atmosphere. Famed chef Augusto Cabrera and his team of expert chefs bring out a wide array of contemporary World Cuisine, the highlight here being the signature sushi rolls and the chef's personal selection of modern dishes which imbibe flavors from around the globe on a single plate. Situated right in the centre of Delhi's exclusive Khan Market, Town Hall is reminiscent of colonial Town Halls where people from a community come together each day to mingle with one another and no day is complete without a visit to this communion.Since its inception in 2014, Town Hall has come to be known as one of the iconic restaurant institutions in Delhi. It has now expanded to two more outposts which are equally popular and continue to mesmerize the audience of Gurgaon and Mumbai each day. Both these locations take a cue from the original and continue the theme of colonial chic but at the same time, each of them is a younger take on the original bringing more of a 'chic' factor to its forefront of design and sensibility. The ever popular restaurant is equally loved by patrons of all ages and makes for the perfect spot for a versatile meal any day of the week.

Fun, quirky, dynamic is how we describe Mr Choy, the space as well as Mr Choy, the chef behind the littles bundles of joy, the dim sums served here. Taking a cue from 1970's Hong Kong, when the old was being phased out for the new and when the classical was juxtaposed against the contemporary, Mr Choy offers a fun street style atmosphere in the comforts of being indoors. On the menu are speciality dim sums, Asian style noodles and small plates.

Quirky, Eclectic, Fun, Stylish, Artsy, Chic, Cool... These would be just be some the adjectives that describe this startling bar and restaurant located in the heart of Delhi, Khan Market, easily the most prestigious high street in Delhi. Public Affair, is a cocktail bar where generations of cocktails from classical to prohibition era, to modern styles are revered along with its geeky bar teams very own selection of super cool signature mixed drinks which are a combination of home - made ingredients along with the highest quality of spirits and liquors available. In addition, the food menu curated by Chef Himani, Chef Bhasker and of course the legend, Chef Augusto is among the most heterogeneous ones that you would find in the country. Spanning the globe, the menu here offers a variety of dishes where each one is an amalgamation of food trends, tastes and instincts which blend together beautifully to create a dynamic result. An extensive wine list and a selection of the finest spirits in town, make this the perfect destination for a fun afternoon, evening or night out where you can choose from the very spunky indoors or the classical patio setting..

Nege & Ju is a unique concept unlike any Globally where the restaurant imbibes the spirit of duality in totality. Quite simply Nege & Ju are two restaurants in a single space. Everything at the restaurant adopts this fun, dual concept - starting with its name. It translates to 9 & 10 (the shop numbers that house the restaurant in Lodhi Colony Market) - Nege means 9 in Afrikaans and Ju translates to number 10 in Japanese. Restaurant splits among its two identities by the clock and between day and night.Nege is the day identity of the space and the multi-faceted bistro-style restaurant serves a modern, upscale European menu for lunch in an easy going, relaxed, yet vibrant setting. While, Ju is the more edgy, younger avatar that comes to life at night, wherein the menu changes to modern Asian and the setting is of a contemporary, chic and trendy restaurant. While both Nege & Ju and are independently complete identities and restaurants, together they promise to enthrall your dining experience to an elevated level of joy. The restaurant focuses deeply on its food story where ingredients and processes are the heroes of the show and the young kitchen team is delighted to share their stories and experiences towards the making of the food at the restaurant, so come experience the restaurant and feel free to engage our team in a conversation about the unending World of culinary magic.

A delivery only concept, Layla's is your answer to a quick, convenient, healthy, hygienic and delicious meal in the comfort of your home, workplace or any other spot you may be at. With a focus on the age old middle Eastern favourite, the Shawarma, and of course other popular Middle Eastern dishes, Layla's aims to bring the 'chic' back to mid east comfort food. Prepared by our team of chefs who have vast knowledge and training of the cuisine, we at Layla's have made a meu which comprises a combination of classics and modern twists to the classics, with an emphasis on fresh produce, high quality ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Kakapo, a rare bird from new zealand with its nocturnal nature is what inspired us to create the restaurant, Kakapo. Set in the tony Mehrauli neighbourhood of Delhi and perched up above the bustling street below, Kakapo is a high energy restaurant, serving an international menu inspired by nature and the Kakapo's natural environs. With an idea of extending the forest into the restaurant space, yet merging with the historic past of the neighborhood, the restaurant revolutionized modern restaurant design. A young and dynamic chef team, promises to enthrall you by their innovation and creativity yet staying grounded to ensure a satiating culinary experience. To go along the bar at Kakapo serves modern cocktails and soon will brew its own beer making it one of the only micro breweries in town.